Change each of the following sentences into reported speech?

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Change each of the following sentences into reported speech.

1. John said, “I want to attend a famous university.”

John ____

2. “I’m looking for the book you gave me last week,” Mary said to Peter.

Mary told Peter ______

3. Janet said to John, “I did not promise to send you a telegram.”

Janet _____

4. “I will get myself a drink,” she said.

She said ___________________________________________________

5. “I cannot drive them home,” he said.

He said _____________________________________________________

6. “Peter, do you prefer tea or coffee?” she said.

She _______________________________________________________

7. “The film began at seven o’clock,” he said.

He said ____________________________________________________

8. The father said, “I was on a business trip the whole day yesterday.”

The father ___________________________________________________

9. “My brother will get married next month,” James said.

James ______________________________________________________

10. “Henry said to his mother, “Come and spend a week with us.”

Henry told __________________________________________________

11. “He said to me, “Keep a seat for me in the lecture hall.”

He _________________________________________________________

12. “Mike said to Henry, “Give me my book back, please.”

Mike ______________________________________________________

13. “Don’t play on the grass, boys,” she said.

She _________________________________________________________

14. “Don’t make so much noise,” he said.

He ___________________________________________________________

15. “Jane said to Mary, “Will you be free tomorrow?”

Jane asked _____________________________________________________

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