Ghi âm giúp đoạn nội dung tiếng Anh về Hoàn cảnh nghèo của người Hà Nội?

Câu hỏi

Đọc rồi ghi âm. Giúp em ghi âm bài này cần gấp.

The situation of the Hanoians is generally poor. The streets in the city are crowded with a variety of vehicles such as motorbikes, bikes, taxis, buses, cyclo and pedestrians because the people do not follow the rules. They are not even obeying traffic lights or signs. Children are taught about the traffic law while the adults are breaking it down. Now, the government has introduced many new strict laws to improve the current situation. The police are always more active than before. People on motorbikes wear helmets naturally without any pressure. The traffic is getting better and better day by day.

Conclusion, with many professional measures, traffic in Hanoi will get better one day. Poverty in Hanoi is an issue that can be solved by the development of the economy.

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